Post Duodenal Switch Surgery support

What to expect during your recovery from Duodenal Switch surgery

Veterans Meetings are held once a month for patients who are at least 8-months out of surgery. These meetings are hosted by one of our surgeons. They are usually open round-table discussions. They are held on the first meeting Monday of the month. These meetings are held in the Landow room of Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington Each person who goes through Bariatric Surgery has their own story to tell. The surgery, the weight loss, the percentage of weight loss and the emotional transition is truly different from patient to patient. However, any patient who has had the surgery will agree to the following:

You will need to be committed to a lifestyle change after the surgery. Patients who attend support group meetings, generally do better than patients who do not.

This life-altering procedure is only a "tool" not a cure. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to get us through the surgery safely. It is the patient's responsibility to be committed to the changes necessary to be successful. At South Jersey Bariatrics, we have considered all the factors that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle after having Bariatric Surgery.

We offer an excellent aftercare program including:

• Nutritional Guidance
• A social transition program that is unprecedented
• A sponsored support group - Our patients run the support group. The surgeons attend and participate in all support group meetings and functions.

We have all the ingredients necessary to assist you with the transition from Morbid Obesity to a more normal and healthier lifestyle.